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Following the rebranding and new website of Inspiration Fitness in Barnstaple, we were approached about finding the best ways to show off all the amazing facilities and equipment the gym had to offer. This gym virtual tour did exactly that!

Traditionally, the hardest part for marketing gyms and fitness suites online has been finding a way to accurately show size and space, while linking back to the exact information on all equipment. We instantly knew that our Matterport 360 Virtual Tours would look amazing in Inspiration Fitness’s space and provide a helpful and immersive experience for their customers.

Not only can we show off the full space of the gym, but with our Pano-Tags, we have the ability of linking to the business’s social media accounts, website, class times and latest equipment particulars. This allows for a high level of user engagement and is a great way for the gym to reach new customers. There is no better way to showcase a space than through the use of a virtual tour, not only does it give a highly accurate model in terms of space but it portrays exactly how the facility is laid out, which is not always possible through traditional photo or video use.

Online engagement could be the difference between you and your competitors. There is no better way to show off your product/business than through the use of a fully immersive virtual tour. We use the very latest in Matterport software to produce the smoothest and most seamless virtual tours on the market. You will not be disappointed with the results, trust us!

Along with the fluid gym virtual tour model, we can easily create photo realistic 3D dollshouse views and floor plans, which allows you to interact in a completely new, exciting and unrivalled format for your audience.

Sounds great right? Thats because it is! Contact us if you’d like a fully immersive virtual tour for your property/business.

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